Here we go, hands in pocket time….

Well not necessarily….

We are always on the look out for help in any form we can get it. That could be in time offered as a leader or helper, or in maintaining the buildings and the grounds. Donations can come in many formats.

Obviously we love when people offer us money, don’t we all. However, we equally welcome other peoples’ cast offs from which we can often make good use. We might find a new lease of life for equipment at the Scout Hut; old tools always come in useful. Ornaments, books, records, tapes, crockery, lamps, … almost anything you don’t use or need any longer can help us raise funds. Sometimes we can find a use for your cast offs for our own purposes. That old bike you are about to throw in the skip might make a useful item here, or would certainly be welcomed in Africa. We have contacts whom we can use to end items out to needy areas of Ghana, Uganda, and Angola.

So, don’t chuck it out, give it to us. Items can be dropped off on any section night, or e-mail us and we can arrange delivery or possibly collection.

Local charities looking for projects to fund should contact us, we always have ideas and can usually find a way of putting funds to good use.