archeryMost of our members had attempted Archery at camps, particularly Bradley Wood, our County campsite. However, in 1999 nine of our adult team took part in a Great National Archery Society (GNAS)course to gain qualification in Archery for Community Sports Leader Award (CSLA).

We aim to treat archery as a skill, rather than a game. Our members will be taught how to fletch arrows, repair damaged equipment and make bow strings, as well as being trained to group arrows neatly.

At Clayton West we train basic archery technique to GNAS standards in bare bow and Olympic shooting with recurve bows. The range is restricted to a maximum of 20 metres with nets, although experienced archers may shoot up to 30 metres if Archery is the sole activity being undertaken on the premises.

Our equipment allows us to offer archery at a basic level to the youngest members of the Group through to Instructor level. This facility can be booked by other youth groups for a small donation for a two hour session for a maximum of 20 archers. This gives each archer approximately 45 minutes shooting.

It is our goal with archers over the age of 10 to try and improve their shooting skills over the session. All equipment is maintained to a high standard and instructors are urged to ensure that they offer tuition rather than supervision. Under 10 we find that most are satisfied if they can hit the target and we try to ensure that all manage to hit the boss with some regularity.